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1955 Chevrolet 2 Door Custom
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What started as a cosmetically nice driver turned out to be a real project as the skin was peeled off. Remember, beauty is only skin deep, until this shop finishes with it, then the beauty goes all the way to the bone!
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The big bolt-on parts were removed first, then the problems starting attacking.
Viewed: 1322 times.
The more parts that were removed the worse this project began to look.
Viewed: 1391 times.
Not much to work with here, let's just keep cutting.
Viewed: 1443 times.
WOW! Didn't know we had to cut THAT far!! The frame will not be repaired, a new custom built one will replace the old rusted steel one.
Viewed: 1328 times.
This looks much better. All new steel floor pans are aligned and tack welded into place before all the final beads will be run and then ground and finished.
Viewed: 1305 times.
There was enough plastic and bondo in the quarters to build another car, so off they went to be replaced with all new steel ones.
Viewed: 1315 times.
Both sides were pretty bad and in need of replacement, so that's what happened.
Viewed: 1232 times.
Starting to "mold" the bumper into the body. The original bumper was narrowed to fit tight against the body and welded into a single component.
Viewed: 1159 times.
After narrowing and welding to the fenders.......
Viewed: 1197 times.
.......this is what it looks like after the finish work and a couple coats of primer.
Viewed: 1223 times.
This was the dash we started with which wouldn't cut it. Major changes were in store in order to keep with the smooth theme of the outside body panels.
Viewed: 1396 times.
With the no longer needed holes welded in and finished, this is the new smoother dash.
Viewed: 1559 times.
After painting we have an appearance in keeping with the theme and color of the outer shell.
Viewed: 1647 times.
Now that the inner floor pans are finished it's time to complete the side that most folks will never see (but we will, so it must be as perfect as the top sides).
Viewed: 1273 times.
Now completed and primed, the underside is ready for final paint....or is it. A later discovery was that the spare tire well could be seen below the rear bumper when viewed from the rear. It was removed and a flat steel panel replaced it before the final paint work. You can see the all flat trunk floor in a following photo.
Viewed: 1636 times.
After a test fit of the engine/trans assembly and all the suspension components, the new custom frame will be disassembled and painted to match the body.
Viewed: 1795 times.
After painting and reassembly the frame is now ready to receive the body.
Viewed: 1434 times.
Extreme care and caution must be exercised at this point. Even a scratch could be devastating and set the project back several weeks.
Viewed: 1285 times.
With the cut-in body now properly attached to the frame it's finally time to go to the paint shop.
Viewed: 1939 times.
Everything that is not external body has already been finished and will be protected from any overspray as the final top coats are applied to the body.
Viewed: 1335 times.
The gas fill pipe was relocated to the inside of the trunk and a custom made door with push-lock release was installed.
Viewed: 1319 times.
Now it's just a matter of bolting on all the final trim, lights, etc. and this project is done!
Viewed: 1605 times.
Finally! A beautiful '55 Chevy that gets more attention than a blonde in a bar. (continue to page 2)
Viewed: 3009 times.
This is a major change from the red bondo-bomb in the first pics.
Viewed: 1660 times.
Does it have a bumper or not? The same proceedure was used on the rear as was used on the front in the previous pictures.
Viewed: 1577 times.
A luxurious custom leather interior was installed to give all the comforts of home.
Viewed: 1688 times.
The steering wheel was also custom leather wrapped to match the interior. Note the custom gauge package.
Viewed: 1751 times.
A new MPI LT-1 provides ample power and dependability to drive this little gem where you want, when you want.*
Viewed: 1934 times.
A very spacious flat floor trunk area is a nice addition after removing the space robbing spare tire and tire well. Using run-flat shoes, the spare was not needed anyway.
Viewed: 2272 times.
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 Gallery: Page Customs  Album: Completed Projects   
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