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1959 Chevrolet ElCamino Custom
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Follow the transformation of this showpiece in the following photos from start to finish.
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Here's the beginning; a plain old neglected 1959 Chevrolet ElCamino just looking for a little TLC. Did we have a surprise for it!
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As teardown began a lot more issues were discovered that were not as obvious as when inspecting an assembled vehicle.
Viewed: 2384 times.
RUST.....RUST.....RUST, and more RUST. The metal mice have been having a field day with this one!
Viewed: 2721 times.
Oh no! More RUST! This is going to be just like your dentist fixing a tooth; if you don't get it all out, you haven't repaired anything. Let's keep cutting.
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We don't need floor pans anyway......wait a minute.....yes we do but let's make then super nice too.
Viewed: 2273 times.
Good-bye to the rusted and rotted floor pans. We'll send them to recycling to be someone elses new 2006 model.
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The quarter panels were too far gone to be repaired so new lowers were welded in after all the hidden rust was blasted away and the area primed and painted so it wouldn't come back.
Viewed: 2785 times.
The jig makes it nice to get the job done right.
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The floor pans are looking much better now. Just some detail work, priming, and painting left to go.
Viewed: 2251 times.
Now in primer, it's starting to look like a new and improved ElCamino.
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Every handle was shaved and no trim left. This was to be as smooth as possible, even welding the tailgate closed and using car tail lights, without the split, made for a very smooth appearance.
Viewed: 2229 times.
Not even the gas door was left in place. A special designed track system was incorporated to hide the gas filler behind the left tail light. When closed it is so flush with the body, most folks can not even find the filler pipe. Pretty cool!
Viewed: 3217 times.
Here is the finished product of the hidden fuel filler complete with tail light wiring.
Viewed: 3783 times.
You don't really need a bumper if you don't BUMP into things. Keeping with the "smooth" theme the bumper was made into an integral part of the body for minimum protrusion.
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The convertible idea didn't make it. So what do you do if you have already cut the top off????
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Let's just lower it a little for a sleeker look.
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Much better! If you do this on your own, start thinking about where to get a glass that will fit the new size and shape of the new roof line. That was a real fiasco that wasn't realized until after the fact!
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The original 'X' frame went through the same process as the body. All rust was removed, any bad areas repaired, and then primed to receive the same top coats of paint as the body.
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Here's the finished frame all painted and cradleing a new MPI LT-1 engine.
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With all the jambs and edges cut in it is nearing time to go to the paint booth.
Viewed: 1774 times.
The last of the prepaint assembly is done.
Viewed: 2252 times.
Ready to go to final paint, this is the last time anyone will see the primer.
Viewed: 2093 times.
No detail was spared! Everything on the undercarriage is as fine and polished as the upper body metal.
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 Gallery: Page Customs  Album: Completed Projects   
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