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1967 Chevelle SS396
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This one is already in pretty good shape, just a few quirks have been discovered that will be ironed out for major improvements.
Viewed: 3346 times.
This is how it came in.
Viewed: 3890 times.
There is already a beautiful custom interior in this car. It will be carefully removed and reinstalled at the completion of the project.
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Viewed: 2431 times.
With the interior removed, it's time to start the exterior disassembly.
Viewed: 2945 times.
Every removable component must come off to achieve the quality job this owner is looking for.
Viewed: 2603 times.
Engine and trans are also removed to get access to the detail areas.
Viewed: 2501 times.
What interior could not be removed had to be protected with extreme care.
Viewed: 2318 times.
With paint removal underway we can now find all the hidden problems that had been covered with the paint.
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Viewed: 2193 times.
Now will all non-removeables secure, we can start the exterior paint removal.
Viewed: 2572 times.
With most of the paint removed it won't be long before the epoxy primer gets applied.
Viewed: 2164 times.
99% of the paint removed and the metal fine sanded
Viewed: 2063 times.
This is what you don't want to find....RUST. It will be cut out and a new panel welded in.
Viewed: 2144 times.
Fender with paint removed............
Viewed: 2037 times.
............filled and primed fender
Viewed: 2059 times.
Which way to go.........trim
Viewed: 2094 times.
......... or no trim
Viewed: 2099 times.
The decision is NO trim....here is the first step of a custom blended housing.
Viewed: 1946 times.
Making the metal shape match the lens shape is a real chore, but this will set this car above the rest!
Viewed: 1788 times.
With primer applied, now a guide coat will be applied to begin block sanding.
Viewed: 1677 times.
Here you can see how the lights will look with no trim, the body will just flow around the rear of the car uninterrupted, note the seam is also gone where the lamp housing was bolted to the body.
Viewed: 1689 times.

Viewed: 1639 times.
A similar process will be used on the front to keep the clean lines like on the rear. The trim will be retained but molded into the body.
Viewed: 1611 times.
This is the stock trim appearance as compared to the blackout on the previous photo.
Viewed: 1581 times.
Initial mock up of radiator filler panel.
Viewed: 1535 times.
Construction of radiator filler panel.
Viewed: 1525 times.
Here is the mock up of the smoothed rear bumper, still a long way to go!
Viewed: 1545 times.
Finished front underhood filler panel ready to be installed.
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Viewed: 1266 times.
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Viewed: 1432 times.
Viewed: 1286 times.
Viewed: 1260 times.
Quarter primed and ready to paint
Viewed: 1262 times.
Viewed: 1267 times.
A smooth primed firewall ready to paint
Viewed: 1717 times.
Super shiny PPG single stage black
Viewed: 1348 times.
Smooth and shiny firewall
Viewed: 1691 times.
Viewed: 1479 times.
Viewed: 1516 times.
Need some more buffin' Need some more chrome, Look Out RICH she's almost home!!
Viewed: 1943 times.
Custom tail light fitting did away with the cumbersome trim which was original.
Viewed: 2178 times.
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 Gallery: Page Customs  Album: Completed Projects   
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