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1968 Pontiac Firebird Convertible
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Finally complete, the maiden voyage was to drive the 30 miles to the NSRA show.*
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Note the flush fit door handles. The originals were the big chrome lunkers that stuck out a couple of inches. Smooth is good don't you think?*
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For rigidity and strength a custom front frame was installed and welded into the rear unibody box frame. Don't you just hate convertibles that flex!
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Every area is cleaned and primed to eliminate future chances of rust and corrosion.*
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If any piece is to far rusted to clean and reuse, it gets replaced. Notice the new radiator support.
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Now it's starting to look like a car again! No interior, top, trim, tires and wheels, and on, and on, and on, well not yet anyway.*
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The owner wanted something a little different from most stripe setups so here's the finished stripe layout. Not visible in this photo is a stainless steel mess grill inside each scoop.
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Attention to detail is everywhere.....even to the stuff most folks won't even see!
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The front suspension was converted to a coil-over setup which will greatly improve the ride and cornering ability.
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Massive 335/30ZR18 tires fit nicely onto the 18x12 wheels.
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Two of these driven through the posi should be able to hold the power, can't wait for the shakedown run. These wheels are 18X12....damn that's wide! It's a good thing we installed large tubs.
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Custom exhaust work is done in-house. This system will NOT FIT your average '68 Firebird!
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Tight U-joint steering is a must. The old style clutch "Z" bar was replaced with a hydraulic throw-out bearing setup.
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With the finish wiring work in progress we may be able to drive this one in a few more weeks, but then there is still the interior, top, dash, glass, oh well maybe in a few months!
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The chrome trim around the rear marker lights was discarded and the lens mounted from inside the trunk for minimal protrusion.
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The owner did not want the same stripe used by most, so this special layout took advantage of the raised hood to highlight the stripe.
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The same width stripe as the rear of the hood was continued onto the trunk lid and rear body panel.
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Custom....Custom.....Custom!!!!! Nothing stock here except the pedal pads, perhaps they will get changed too!
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A total of 6 hides were used to make the beautiful blue leather interior. Did I mention the interior color matches the top color?
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To fill the scoop openings is 1/8" stainless steel polished mesh was used. It looks much better than the plastic stuff that was there.
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Willwood brakes on all 4 wheels, big open wheels, and calipers powder coated to match the stripe on the body.
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Is this clean or what!!! If we hadn't left a few small wires showing folks would think that it doesn't run.
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It ain't easy to make the wiring hide within the installation, but it sure makes for a clean look.
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 Gallery: Page Customs  Album: Completed Projects   
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