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1969 Camaro Coupe Custom
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This is how the car looked when we received it.
Viewed: 2317 times.
Right front
Viewed: 2748 times.
Right quarter view
Viewed: 1724 times.
Left rear before the project starts.
Viewed: 1757 times.
Massive 540 CID Merlin should have plenty of punch for this discriminating owner!*
Viewed: 2158 times.
Left front after teardown
Viewed: 1650 times.
View of right front after teardown
Viewed: 1969 times.
The factory paint on the front aprons had been painted over several times making the total removal a real chore.
Viewed: 1503 times.
With most of the paint removed, the factory coating is still trying to hang on down in the crevises.
Viewed: 1489 times.
Almost ready to be primed.
Viewed: 1538 times.
Engine removal opened up a lot of space
Viewed: 1733 times.
We weren't sure the engine crane could hold this massive 540 CID....but it did.
Viewed: 1578 times.

Viewed: 1450 times.
LF door removed and the ceiling tiles still have to go!
Viewed: 1493 times.
Engine and tranny now removed
Viewed: 1465 times.
RF door remove. WOW!!! look what we found, there were ceiling tiles behind the back seat, they are out of here!
Viewed: 1408 times.
Trunk and rear body panel stripped.
Viewed: 1541 times.

Viewed: 1834 times.
Removing the body from the subframe and dropping the rear axle assy to install the mini-tubs
Viewed: 1573 times.

Viewed: 1969 times.

Viewed: 1917 times.
Subframe all blasted and ready to start coating
Viewed: 1871 times.
Previous renovation was quarter panel skins only, but that will change now!
Viewed: 1344 times.
A 100% job should include complete quarter replacement along with inner and outer wheelhouse. All is removed in this photo.
Viewed: 1334 times.
Metal etched subframe is now ready for primer
Viewed: 1277 times.
Now the new tubs are welded into place
Viewed: 1299 times.
Complete outer tubs completely finishes the wheel houses
Viewed: 1301 times.
New right quarter panel welded in
Viewed: 1280 times.
New left quarter panel welded in
Viewed: 1282 times.
Next will come the blasting of the floor rust and the refinish to that area
Viewed: 1277 times.
These are the hidden issues no one knows about until the paint is stripped off, do you keep the component or replace it?
Viewed: 1256 times.
Actually the car did NOT fall out of a tree! The Pros from Soda Blast know the best angles to get all of the old finish off.
Viewed: 1425 times.
Now stripped clean, prep work will begin to get ready to move on to the sealer and primer.
Viewed: 1246 times.

Viewed: 838 times.

Viewed: 810 times.
After blasting, additional rust holes are discovered in the RF lower cowl area
Viewed: 1277 times.
These will be cut out and replaced with new panels
Viewed: 1482 times.

Viewed: 807 times.

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Viewed: 843 times.

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