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After doing all the work he could in his home garage the ownner brought this 1969 Camaro in for quarter panel replacements and a color change.
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This is the car as purchased from the previous owner
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In the home garage getting ready for the transformation.
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This was the interior with the automatic tranny
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The trunk floor had already been replace so it will just be cleaned and painted.
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All the factory lead filler had to be melted from the roof joint on both sides.
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A few hidden rusted out areas always show up when you tear one down this far. But an easy repair here.
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Finally and nearly 30 hours of labor the quarters are tacked into place.
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A late decision was to replace both L&R inner and outer wheelhouses. This is nearly impossible once the new quarters are welded in.
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The holes on the sides of the dash were factory, but may be filled in during the body work.
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Turning the camera up side down the last part of the VIN is clearly visible.
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And it all matches the VIN tag on the dash.
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This is one of two places the last 8 digits of the VIN are stamped directly into the sheetmetal. This one is at the blower opening, the other is under the cowl.
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With the blower box removed the last part of the VIN can be verified.
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This dressed up 350 will be coming out and a fresh 383 stroker with 11:1 C/R will be installed
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Interior changes were made over the course of a year, long before the major body work. This gave plenty of time to test out all the new changes. Notice the 4 speed is back in the car which is the way it was delivered from the factory, the VIN verifys it was a stick car.
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Upgraded radio, clutch pedal, and pedal accent trim. When the previous owner switched to an automatic, he simply let the clutch pedal fall to the floor making the change back a breeze.
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Option "U17" has been added which was the console gauges, tach, and clock. All appears original.
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View of console gauges. The shifter stick is incorrect but a correct one has been located. It should be round and not bar like.
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Now is teardown time. A lot of this work was done by the owner at his home, proof that a lot can be done in a home garage.
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All of the old firewall caulking was striped out, surface rust removed or repaired.
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Preped and ready to receive new full quarter panels.
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Not much there now! You can really see why the braces were needed. Notice that 4 wheel disc brakes have already been added.
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A good view of the additional bracing.
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With both quarters removed at the same time a set of verticle and cross supports were welded into place to be sure nothing moved from its original alignment.
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The car had previously had quarter skins replaced. The owner opted to remove them and replace with full quarters as the factory had done 42 years ago.
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After filing and very light sanding, only a skim coat of filler will be added then the joint is ready for primer.
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Although it looks rough in this pic, only the filing has been done to the new lead which was put back into the "C" pillar joint as it was done 42 years ago.
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 Gallery: Page Customs  Album: Completed Projects   
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