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Album: 1975 AMC Matador
This unusual car is in for Restomod work with a little body modification and a BIG Chevy 502 power transplant.

Changed: Jul 11, 2018.
Contains: 307 items.
Viewed: 27583 times.
Album: Factory Five Cobra
Body work and paint (including stripes!)

Changed: Jul 27, 2018.
Contains: 297 items.
Viewed: 421 times.
Album: 1932 Ford Roadster FOR SALE!!
Old school look. 350 Chevy engine, automatic, single stage paint. Will debut at Asphalt Angels 2/9/18 - 2/11/18!!

Changed: Apr 26, 2018.
Contains: 121 items.
Viewed: 542 times.
Album: 1951 Chevy Pickup
Body work and paint. Beautiful gun metal gray color.

Changed: Sep 17, 2018.
Contains: 332 items.
Viewed: 364 times.
Album: 1946 Ford Coupe
New white wall tires, paint wheels, new gauges and minor mechanical issues.

Changed: Jul 11, 2018.
Contains: 12 items.
Viewed: 166 times.
Album: 1970 Ford Torino Cobra
Total body and paint restoration.

Changed: May 25, 2018.
Contains: 280 items.
Viewed: 1206 times.
Album: 1971 Land Rover
Repair front fender and replace front bumper.

Changed: May 15, 2018.
Contains: 26 items.
Viewed: 114 times.
Album: 1967 Chevrolet C10 Pick Up
Body and paint only with some modifications.

Changed: Jul 02, 2018.
Contains: 564 items.
Viewed: 1370 times.
Album: 1957 Chevy Station Wagon
Paint interior pieces and dash, new side panels, new wiring and A/C.

Changed: May 01, 2018.
Contains: 41 items.
Viewed: 181 times.
Album: 1930 Ford Hot Rod
Minor door damage and paint repair.

Changed: Apr 24, 2018.
Contains: 50 items.
Viewed: 216 times.
Album: 1979 Chevrolet Caprice
One owner car and has been to eight countries! His car was too far gone so we are using 2 cars to make 1!

Changed: Mar 19, 2018.
Contains: 201 items.
Viewed: 809 times.
Album: 1965 Porsche 356C
Total body work and repainted to era correct dolphin gray.

Changed: Mar 19, 2018.
Contains: 149 items.
Viewed: 1035 times.
Album: 1970 Chevelle
Removing automatic and installing Tremec 5-speed. Adding tach as well.

Changed: Feb 21, 2018.
Contains: 13 items.
Viewed: 229 times.
Album: 1966 Pontiac GTO
Minor body and paint repair on the rear valance.

Changed: Feb 21, 2018.
Contains: 12 items.
Viewed: 165 times.
Album: 1964 Jaguar XKE
The owner originally was having us paint the car and was doing the reassembly himself. However, bad health has now caused us to complete the project.

Changed: Oct 16, 2017.
Contains: 339 items.
Viewed: 2041 times.
Album: 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS
Repair minor damage to left rear fender.

Changed: Oct 16, 2017.
Contains: 29 items.
Viewed: 295 times.
Album: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro
Minor repair to rear deck lid valance plus a few other minor things.

Changed: Sep 13, 2017.
Contains: 19 items.
Viewed: 253 times.
Album: 1971 Chevy Chevelle
Changing hood to a cowl induction type.

Changed: Jan 25, 2018.
Contains: 14 items.
Viewed: 424 times.
Album: 1964 Chevy II
Repair minor paint defects and install engine performance upgrades.

Changed: Jun 29, 2017.
Contains: 10 items.
Viewed: 343 times.
Album: 1972 Ferrarri Dino in for a color change back to the original silver.

Changed: Jun 20, 2017.
Contains: 133 items.
Viewed: 957 times.
Album: 1967 Chevy Corvette
Minor paint and mechanical repairs.

Changed: May 05, 2017.
Contains: 15 items.
Viewed: 408 times.
Album: 1968 Chevy Camaro Convertible
Repair minor damage to left front fender and split in arm rest.

Changed: May 05, 2017.
Contains: 15 items.
Viewed: 1526 times.
Album: 1970 Mercury Cougar XR7
Engine performance upgrades.

Changed: Apr 26, 2017.
Contains: 36 items.
Viewed: 1509 times.
Album: 1958 "El Nomado"
Shown at SEMA 2009, in need of a little damage repair.

Changed: Mar 29, 2017.
Contains: 8 items.
Viewed: 406 times.
Album: 1968 Chevy Camaro
New roof, new lights, new paint.

Changed: May 05, 2017.
Contains: 159 items.
Viewed: 5132 times.
Album: After doing all the work he could in his home garage the ownner brought this 1969 Camaro in for quarter panel replacements and a color change.
Although only 2% of '69 Camaros were painted burgundy, the owner had always liked the Hugger Orange color on Camaros. So in this case it will become a Hugger Orange, white rally striped, white interior, Z/28 clone.

Changed: Mar 01, 2017.
Contains: 262 items.
Viewed: 5655 times.
Album: 1973 BMW 2002
Minor body work and a little TLC.

Changed: May 05, 2017.
Contains: 24 items.
Viewed: 10880 times.
Album: 1968 Mini Cooper
This Mini is in for a complete body restoration.

Changed: May 05, 2017.
Contains: 116 items.
Viewed: 932 times.
Album: 1939 Buick Model 41
1939 Buick for some minor TLC!

Changed: Feb 10, 2017.
Contains: 4 items.
Viewed: 433 times.
Album: 1966 GTO
Engine work, freshened up interior and anything else the owner can think of!!

Changed: Feb 10, 2017.
Contains: 5 items.
Viewed: 425 times.
Album: 1963 Ford Thunderbird
The original owner wants her back to her original luster!

Changed: May 05, 2017.
Contains: 36 items.
Viewed: 426 times.
Album: 1966 Pontiac 1966

Changed: May 05, 2017.
Contains: 90 items.
Viewed: 824 times.
Album: Custom 1950 Ford Convertible
This beautiful fully customized car was debuted in the Buiolders Showcase at the NSRA nationals in Louisville KY 2010. It will also be at Good Guys Southern Nationals in Charlotte NC in October 2010. Be sure to check this one out at the show!

Changed: Jul 28, 2016.
Contains: 36 items.
Viewed: 4128 times.
Album: 1971 Chevell Malibu conversion to Pro Street
Featured in December 2016 Super Chevy magazine.

Changed: Mar 21, 2018.
Contains: 310 items.
Viewed: 4033 times.
Album: 1969 Camaro Coupe Custom
Owned by CBS Sports Broadcaster James Brown, this project is now completed and out on the show circuit.

Changed: Oct 09, 2012.
Contains: 321 items.
Viewed: 11682 times.
Album: 1966 Chevy Nova
Here is a nice little '66 Nova was in for a complete repaint and engine swap out.

Changed: Jun 16, 2010.
Contains: 124 items.
Viewed: 3679 times.
Album: 1967 Chevelle SS396
See the start to finish makeover of this classic Chevelle.

Changed: Sep 21, 2010.
Contains: 85 items.
Viewed: 16545 times.
Album: This is a really nice NCRS '61 Corvette that was in for some front end collision repair work and complete repaint.
This is how a nice restored car gets repaired when the unthinkable happens.

Changed: Jun 30, 2010.
Contains: 140 items.
Viewed: 3248 times.
Album: 1956 Ford Country Squire
Here's one you don't see many of....this 1956 Ford Country Squire is owned by local Personal Trainer Ed Ross-Clunis and was in for a complete body restoration. It was refinished in an enhanced version of the original pink/white color scheme. This project has been completed and is being enjoyed by its owner.

Changed: Jun 16, 2010.
Contains: 82 items.
Viewed: 4837 times.
Album: 1961 Ford Galaxy 2 Door
Here's the start of a REAL project. Pete Hartman's 1961 Ford Galaxy is getting ready to begin it's new life based on the Rat-Rod theme. It looks like the metal mice have really been eating on the metal in this one.

Changed: Jun 10, 2010.
Contains: 30 items.
Viewed: 4394 times.
Album: 1970 Olds 442 Convertible
This was a frame on restoration for the original owner. Sitting for the last 15 years or so had taken it's toll.....but this is a great car since completion and LuAnn is having a blast with it!

Changed: Jun 16, 2010.
Contains: 13 items.
Viewed: 3536 times.
Album: 1968 Pontiac Firebird Convertible
Finished just in time for the '06 NSRA Richmond Nationals.

Changed: Jun 10, 2010.
Contains: 24 items.
Viewed: 10474 times.
Album: 1959 Chevrolet ElCamino Custom
S O L D !!!!!

Changed: Dec 06, 2011.
Contains: 28 items.
Viewed: 18293 times.
Album: 1955 Chevrolet 2 Door Custom
S O L D !!!!!

Changed: Jun 10, 2010.
Contains: 30 items.
Viewed: 9305 times.
Album: 1949 Chevy Custom Pickup
S O L D !!!!!!

Changed: Jun 10, 2010.
Contains: 18 items.
Viewed: 9682 times.
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